Cladtech Associates is a specialised group of independent Consultants with expertise in the field of Curtain Walling, Cladding, Glazing and Windows.

The members of Cladtech have a collective expertise in excess of 150 years which has been gained exclusively in the Curtain Walling and Window Industry.

The original founding partners were leading consultants in the U.K and North American Curtain Wall Industry and the current partners have been similarly engaged in the industry since the 1970s.

The practice has existed with its present structure since 1985 and in that period Cladtech have worked on over 2000 projects with cladding values ranging up to £45 million have been completed.

About Us

Cladtech Associates (CTA) is an independent curtain wall, cladding, glass and window consultancy practice that has been providing advice to construction industry professionals, developers and contractors on all matters concerning curtain walling, lightweight cladding, windows and glazing for over 20 years. CTA has no affiliation with any trade organisation, company, firm or supplier to the industry.